Workspaces Day Conference 2019


As it’s been usual in the last years, on 17-18th October 2019 is taking place the Workspaces Day Conference 2019, organized by ProWorkSpaces.  An event where the most relevant coworking industry players will meet and talk about the future of the sector.

This is one of the most outstanding events about flexible office topic. This year leit motiv is «Clearing the unknowns of coworking«. Indeed, there are many question to be addressed, and many of them will face during these two days in Barcelona:

  • How to improve the user experience in the flexible office?
  • How to apply the technology to the flexible office?
  • Do you want to know the best online management tools?
  • How does the design influence the Coworking spaces?

We absolutely agree that they are key questions to understand and build the future of coworking spaces. Finding out how to improve the user experience, improve the layout of the spaces or increase income by improving management will make a difference between the spaces.

And, of course, we are sure technology will be an important part on this vision and goal. Indeed, we know it as we are working on it and having first-hand experience side-by-side with our customers. We are talking about the user experience by understanding how spaces are used and finding new designs to increase comfort, productivity and motivation of coworkers, using actual information.

But the most important thing about technology is knowing exactly what you want to do with it and how it can help you to better manage your space. Technology may help you to improve your space profitability, your space design, and the management, and of course the coworker experience … and it is definitively a competitive advantage.

We are eager to attend this conference next October and discuss about all these issues with other industry experts. Hopefully, we will meet.