Do you wonder

  • May I improve the employee’s experience at the workplace?
  • How can we better manage the energy system?
  • Could we transform our office layout to adapt it to the real needs of my employees?
  • Could my company save money by reducing rental square meters without affecting people comfort?
  • May we know how the space is helping or hindering my employees’ productivity, their creativity or their collaboration levels?
  • Can we empower our employees and co-design side-by-side the workplace of the future?

What we do

  • Delivery of people wellbeing, collaboration and productivity KPIs at the physical workplace.
  • Analysis of space performance for optimizing workplace`s design.
  • Actual occupancy of workstations and desks.
  • Comprehensive behavioral analysis of meeting rooms.
  • Heatmaps to show the activity in open, informal and shared areas.


Cubelizer offers a business-intelligence solution to track employee’s behavior and transform it into right information that eases companies to adapt their physical workplace according to a hybrid model mindset. Addressing employee’s real needs at the physical office is the best way to directly impact in their experience and wellbeing, while increasing company’s productivity and efficiency.

By running anonymized image processing and using machine learning algorithms, our software provides 5cm precision in a passive way (no apps, no wereables, no badges).

hot desking
occupancy rates at workplace


Knowing the actual occupation of desks allows managers define the proper mix between fix vs. flex, as well as knowing the optimized leasing area for your company based on the real use of it.
actual use of common spaces


Understanding the use of the common spaces, you make decisions in a better way: bigger canteen, re-code lifting operation, re-design lounge area, identify unused expensive furniture or technology.
space capacity


Improve your workplace operation and security by knowing the way toilets, canteens, event rooms, etc. are utilized and how many people are inside, as well as the interest of the events you deliver. Change your operations based on thresholds and triggers.
meeting room analytics


Meeting room analysis (how many people, how much time, how often…) is key to optimize the space designs, to make the most of them, to enhance user`s experience and to define the right size for meeting rooms. Data is the new oil to do that, and you need it to be precise, and accurate to properly support your decisions.
  • Improve employee’s experience by involving them in the workplace design process, sharing the information about the space utilization and adapting the office layouts to their real needs.
  • Keep your employees updated about the occupancy levels and empower them to decide when to go to the office.
  • Check your workplace wellbeing, productivity and collaboration through reliable KPIs to improve employees’ experience.
  • Manage the uncertainty involved in the workplace transformation using actual information about people interactions, overall behaviors and space usage patterns.
  • Know how space design drives or hinders collaboration, allows focused tasks, produces effective meetings, and affects productivity.
  • Manage space booking avoiding ghost events and allowing users to know occupancy in real time.
  • Improve safety and security by monitoring the general workplace capacity and the specific one for meeting rooms and shared areas.
  • Manage energy based on real time occupancy information, patterns and predictions.
  • Set thresholds and triggers to manage cleaning staff and to enhance customer experience.
  • Identify stuck points and figure out solutions to improve co-worker's experience.