The real use of meeting rooms

Do space managers know the real use of meeting rooms? and how often a meeting room has been booked and used? Or not booked but used? Or used longer than it was booked? Are they losing money with the meeting rooms?

This information could be crucial to guarantee the proper use of the meetings rooms, take the right decisions on their management and increase profitability of the space.

Cubelizer knows first-hand this reality and the coworking management team concerns about it. We continuously hear about the following situations:

  • Meeting rooms booked but empty.
  • Meeting rooms full but not booked.
  • People waiting outside while meeting room is used incorrectly.
  • Meetings that take place in areas not specifically prepared for meetings like kitchens, living rooms or relax zones.

But managers can do nothing if they don’t use real time and actual information about their coworkers behavior.

Be more efficient in controlling meeting room operations

These situations generate discomfort and conflict between coworkers and they can be one of the most annoying frictions for coworkers and main concern for the management team.

In addition, the irregular use of the meeting rooms causes lose of income and make spaces less profitable. So, real time and accurate information about meeting rooms utilization can drive many benefits: increase of comfortability for our coworkers and higher revenue for the business.

Working with the proper information

Full control of the meeting rooms needs using two systems: one for booking and other to know the utilization of the meeting rooms in real time.

Let’s see it with an example. It is necessary to mix both systems with real time metrics like occupancy, utilizations and use time. Managers could control the real use of the meeting rooms and improve their profitability. 

The real time analysis offers information about occupancy, utilizations and time of use:

Use of the meeting room

And you can see them in the dashboards as follows:

  • Meeting starting time. 
  • Meeting ending time.
  • Number of people inside the room.
  • Color code to know what the situation of each meeting room is.

In an easy way, you will be able to control what inside any room is happening and take actions to improve the proper use of them.


Coworking spaces are worried about two main items: happiness of their coworkers and profitability of the space.

As we saw in this case study, the correct use of the space increases comfort and happiness of our coworkers., So, improving the use of the meeting rooms, you are straightly and positively impacting in your coworkers daily routine.

And never forget, meeting rooms are an important source of revenues if you can take full  control of them and understand the actual use to figure out new ways of monetization aligned with your coworking manners.