Results of the Survey about the Workplace Readiness of the Future of Work

In this document, you can read the main conclusions from the survey we have launched about the «Workplace Readiness of the Future of Work».

In general, companies have room for improvement regarding their situation to face the challenge for the hybrid workforce model.

As the results show, they have deployed a suitable digital toolbox. It was mandatory to manage the remote work during the pandemic. Nevertheless, they have barely improved other areas such as operations, space and culture. Four aspects that must be considered as a whole.

The survey has yielded that most companies are moving forward towards a new workplace strategy. Unfortunately, this is happening in a very slow way and wasting the momentum that the pandemic has created.

Companies need to properly plan a new workplace strategy and implement it as soon as possible. Otherwise, we all will be hindering the opportunity to enhance collaboration, workplace efficiency and productivity.

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