Reduce Energy Costs for Holidays

Do you know how occupancy decreases on Holidays? Can you adapt the consumption of energy during people’s holidays according with the real occupation of your office?

Do you know that most of the waste of energy takes place during the holidays?

What is happening in Holidays?

During holidays, especially in summer but also in winter for Christmas Time, occupancy in workplaces decreases drastically. But usually offices maintain energy consumption in the same value because of Facility Management cannot measure what it is happening inside the space.

If they could measure occupancy, they could adopt some corrective actions to decrease energy consumption and reduce energy costs during holidays.

In the table below, it is analyzed the average occupancy of several offices in Spain during a natural year (orange) and variations of occupancy between months (MOM in blue and red for holidays period).

If we focus on summer time, occupancy during May is around 64% and starts decreasing in June -2.5pps. , in July -7.35 pps. and in August -18.03pps. So, between May and August, there is a decrease of around 30pps. Also, in winter, there is a decrease of -11.03pps. and in Easter of -3.29pps.

Average Occupancy of Different offices in Spain during 2019, data from Cubelizer System.

Applying data to reduce energy costs

Once we know that occupancy it is going to decrease for holidays or even some days during the week, we can plan the energy consumption to real occupancy. It is the same that you do at night.

Indeed, you could connect energy system to Cubelizer system and do it in real time. While Cubelizer system is analyzing people affluence, the office manager can set thresholds so that the energy system is put into operation according to real-time utilization.

Save some energy costs, not only on holidays but in everyday regular operations. 


What you don’t measure, you can´t improve.

Maybe, you have thought about to reduce energy costs in your office related with being more efficient and environmental responsible and you have adopted some of these actions.

But, it will be more efficient to adapt consumption with occupancy and save not only money but also be more environmentally responsible.

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