Do you wonder

  • How will make my space trustier for the users in the new normal?
  • How will I be sure about the accomplishment of the designed protocols?
  • Are the protocols and measures enough or should I do more than setting them?
  • How can I be more transparent about the adopted measures?

What we do

  • Analyze social distance
  • Control capacity
  • Reinforce hygienical cleaning
  • People flow problem identification
  • Occupancy analysis


Cubelizer offers a business-intelligence solution to analyze people flow in shopping centers, retail and workplaces. By running anonymized image processing algorithms and using machine learning techniques, we detect people in an accurate, anonymous way and fully people coverage. The computer vision based IoT solution provides deep comprehension of people movements and behavior. Our deployments are easy and quick. Take the leap to further enhance, progress and advance in the smart space management, and moreover, manage your space in the new normal based on data and demonstrate you are doing your best to give your users a real safe and healthy place to stay.
Workplaces and shopping centers are taking advantage of the solution already.

safe place to be


Check the accomplishment of social distancing recommendations and verify how preventing measures and protocols are working, and in case, adapt or change them.


Determine, in real time, how many people is inside your spaces to avoid crowded areas, ease social distancing and follow general occupancy limitations rules. Share the information with your users and empower them.


Identify the most used areas to reinforce hygienical cleaning and sanitation procedures over them . Communicate the cleaning measures to your stakeholders and gain their trust.


Check the workstations, meeting rooms or common areas occupancy and be sure that the social distance and limitations are being accomplished.


Manage the use of the meeting rooms by controlling capacity, identifying the correct use of seats, control social distance inside and set immediate cleaning after each use.


Verifying the right use of flow circuits to avoid people crossing will help understand how good they have been designed, and in case, it shall help managers reinforce signages or communication.
  • Monitor actual social distance and determine how well is being performed.
  • Verify occupancy: check that people is using the space according to a new set of rules.
  • Manage capacity. Crowded spaces or even spaces over their limited maximum capacity will be a health risk. Having real time control over the amount of people inside will be key.
  • Deeper sanitization of specific areas. Knowing most used spaces and areas will allow cleaning staff to be more effective paying higher attention on that areas to guarantee the proper sanitization intensity.
  • Managing queues. One of the most conflictive points will be the canteen due to long queues and the crowded times.
  • Control actual number of visitors inside. Share this information with your visitors will increase calm and confidence in your mall or store.
  • Monitor actual social distancing. Detecting anonymously and accurately people positions inside the space, social distancing accomplishment can be measured.
  • Control spaces sanitation to be more efficient. Accuracy on location data, full people detection coverage and lack of privacy issues are key aspects to have significant and relevant information.
  • Manage people flow and queues. Verifying the right use of flow circuits to avoid people crossing will help understand how good they have been designed.