Our device gathers people`s behavior with a broad field of view lens, using computer vision algorithms.

Our solution uses wireless connection and cloud infrastructure, so wired network infrastructure and local servers are not required. Our system does not need people`s collaboration, because it is a passive detection solution and completely autonomous.


Our technology has the power to successfully track people`s full path trajectories and monitor their behavior.

As the system does not store or images, videos or any kind of personal data, there are no privacy issues involved and the solution is GDPR compliant by design and default.

Moreover, secured cloud-based infrastructure is used to store detection coordinates in a private and safe way.


From data to valuable and actionable business information.

Information is delivered in diverse ways depending on the level of service: every month via customized reports that are easy to understand or using a secured online platform.

Our visualizations enable our customers dig deep in their space and business performance to create more strategic and tactical decisions. We offer one-on-one support to help our customer meet their goals and get the most from the solution.