Data is everywhere, each person generates a big amount of data which can be turned into information. But are we really taking advantage of this information? Do we really know what is happening around us? No, we don’t. We manage our real estate properties in blindness.

Don´t manage your real state properties in blindness.

Cubelizer helps you to increase your physical space performance using actionable analytics.

No one can imagine any ecommerce or website without analytics information? So, why are we managing shopping centers, coworkings spaces, offices, stores, supermarkets, and in general physical spaces without analytical information? Why are we managing just with intuition and gut feelings?
Cubelizer was born to solve this situation. It is an artificial vision system which analyzes people behavior inside physical spaces (shopping centers, offices, coworkings, supermarkets, retail, museums, etc) to transform data into actionable information.

Cubelizer helps transform physical spaces into high performance assets.