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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."
- Aristotle (384-322 BC)

"Knowing your customer is the beginning of all profit."
- Cubelizer (2016 AC)

How it works

Measure performance

Understand which campaigns, displays and areas of your store are more attractive for your customers.

Define your conversion funnel, detect opportunities for improvement and increase sales.

Cubelizer provides objective and reliable data to be mixed with your own intuition. The perfect cocktail for knowledge.

Optimize customer experience

Discover how your customers move and how long they stay on each spot of your store. Design the layout to delight people. Create an outstanding experience.

Perform A/B tests and manage your products and visual merchandising to increase sales conversion.

Balance your in-store team according to customer traffic to deliver a great experience.

Increase profit

Benchmark the performance of the store at different times and days. Compare locations.

Make the right questions and get a deep knowledge on how the store works. Use this insights to make the best decision to grow your business.

Reduce operational costs: invest where you need it and where you get the best return. Staff correctly and avoid inefficient expenditures.

Cubelizer in action

Main dashboard


Compare days


Compare times


A/B testing


Day-time activity matrix

Clothing store

Paths and ROI

Clothing store

3 steps to epiphany

  • 1

    Get Cubelizer

    Just wireless network and electrical power needed. No wired network infrastructure or local servers required. Cloud based data storage.

  • 2

    Access the dashboard

    Anytime, anywhere, any device. Use the dashboard to discover insights about the behavior of your customers. Select the store, browse the information, compare locations and times. See it in a visual and intuitive way. Start making the right questions. Clear and simple.

  • 3

    Start optimizing your store today

    Understand the behavior of your customers in real time. Manage your store to get the results you want: change fixtures, try different layouts, tweak your displays and make crazy and cool things to amaze your customers. See how the flow changes. Improve the customer experience, create happier clients. Be sure: you have found the sexy side of your store.

  • Be Part
    Of the

Join the next generation of customer knowledge. Intuition and gut feelings are great. Confirm what you would expect with objective and systematic information. Human sense and technology, wisely used, is the perfect mix. Meet the future today.

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