Join the Next Generation of Data Driven Management for Physical Spaces


Do you wonder...

· How to increase occupancy?
· How to forecast potential vacancies?
· How to build a better negotiation position with tenants?
· Which tenants are the best-of-class efficiency performers?
· How to increase your tenants revenue and yours?

We can help

· Detailed tenant performance analysis
· Affinity between tenants in shopping centers
· Best location based on traffic of customers
· Efficient people flow problem identification

Our Solution

Cubelizer offers a business-intelligence solution to analyze your physical spaces. By running anonymized image processing and using machine learning algorithms, our software has accurate 5cm precision metrics and 100% visitor detection and tracking of trajectories. The computer based IoT solution provides comprehension of tenants performances and progressive benchmarks. Innovative technology allows for easy and quick installations giving a better value for your money. Take the first leap to further enhance your commercial mix, progress and advance your operations.

Our Impact


100% Coverage

No need to download an app on a smartphone to gather data.

5cm Precision

High accuracy in comparison to 3-10m in other devices.

Full Path Trajectories

Wi-fi tracking or beacon location.

Patterns and Anomalies

Delivery of raw data analysis that allows making driven decisions easy.

GDPR Compliance

Fully anonymous data gathering and process.No privacy issues.

Timely Notifications

Early alerts for low performance to maximize occupancy


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Data is analyzed every month in personally customized reports that are easily comprehensible and accessible. Our visual dashboard contains numerous versions of the data which enables our customers to create more strategic and tactical decisions. We offer one-on-one consulting to help our customer meet their needs and reach their goals, building trust and reliance from both parties.